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 PISA – Practical Intervention Strategies for Autism and Related Disorders

Training objectives

At the end of this course participants should be able to:

  1. Define Autism Spectrum Disorder and explain common signs, symptoms and red flags of autism as well as other related disorders.

  2. Define Applied Behaviour Analysis as well as mention and demonstrate strategies to address behaviour challenges in the school, home and other environments.

  3. Define the term ‘Sensory Integration’ and mention and demonstrate strategies for addressing sensory needs of individuals on the autism spectrum or with related disorders.

  4. Mention ways to support families of individuals diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder

  5. Describe in writing, steps to consider when planning an intervention for an individual with Autism as well as describe and demonstrate ways of collecting data during an intervention program for the purpose of evaluation. 


A minimum of a Diploma or bachelor’s degree

Course duration:

120 Hours

Flexible Structures can be arranged.

Training fees:

150,000 naira to be paid before commencement of training

Course forms will only be given after payment of fees has been made.

CEU Hours

14 CEUs which would count towards getting a CAS (certified autism certificate) certificate.

Hands on Reflex and Sensory Replacement Strategies (HORRS)

(Note that it is advised to complete PISA before this training) 

Training objectives:

At the end of this training course participants would be able to provide a basic assessment of automatically reinforcing or sensory based behaviours in individuals with challenges as well as address then using a variety of strategies. 

Training fees:

100,000 naira

Course duration:

40 Hours

Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) Technician Training

Training objectives:

At the end of this training course participants would be able to implement planned ABA strategies under the supervision of a QASP-S, BCABA or a BCBA.


Must be 18 years of age and have a high school certificate or its equivalent. Upon Completion, certificants would be required to pass an online ABAT Certification exam to be included in the QABA registry.

Course duration:

40 Hours

Other Courses 

The following courses are available based on request or an initial training needs assessment

  1. Intensive Behavioural Intervention and Positive Behaviour Support for Schools and Learning Centres.

  2. SEN Teachers Training (N.C.E Affiliation available)

  3. SEN Training for Churches & Religious Institutions.

  4. Child Specific Training for Parents & Caregivers

We are an IBCCES Certified International Training Partner and have links with international and local training groups and universities to provide an ongoing program of trainings and capacity building.

Trainers are chosen Academy Staff members are trained and must possess at least a middle or masters level certification in the modules that they facilitate as well as professional certifications.

Members of our training faculty must have planned and implemented Intervention programs for at least 5 years or its equivalent.

Consultants may also be invited from partner organizations who hold these qualifications.

Training typically hold at our fully air conditioned and highly equipped training room at Pleasant Places Centre

3b Canaanland Street,

Near Petrocam Filling Station,

Elf Bustop (2nd roundabout)


Lagos State.

Training also hold in our Portharcourt Centres as well as on location of organisations that require our services.

Some trainings hold online, and participants can log into our virtual class from the comfort of their homes and offices