...focused on providing a wide range of therapy services, training, capacity building, care and support services for Individuals, families, care providers and professionals.




Our services are individually tailored to meet the peculiar needs of each child and their families aggressively employing the principles of repeatability and consistency. We partner with schools where we can continue to provide an ongoing system of support and supervision to ensure a smooth transition and mainstreaming.

At Pleasant Places, we employ a holistic intervention approach which addresses the child’s needs across different levels using a blend of different evidence-based strategies and interventions including:

1.       Applied Behavior Analysis  (ABA)

2.       Physical Therapy

3.       Occupational Therapy

4.       Speech and Language Therapy

5.       Technology Aided Instruction and Intervention (TAII)

6.       Social Skills Training

7.       Peer Mediated Instruction and Intervention (PMII)

8.       Parent Implemented Intervention among others.